Ghanaian actress, film producer and businesswoman, Fella Makafui has disclosed in a recent interview that despite their separation, she still has the name of Medikal tattooed on her body.

Speaking in a recent interview on GhPage TV, Fella disclosed that she has so much respect for her baby daddy despite everything that happened to them in the past few weeks.

A few weeks ago, Fella Makafui took to her social media pages to reveal that she had ended things with Medikal. According to her, she and Medikal had agreed to end things in January 2024.  She revealed this after Medikal took to his social media to reveal all kinds of things about Fella Makafui.

Medikal and Fella’s marriage has been in the public eye for some time now after the rapper openly declared that he had divorced his wife. Their relationship has been documented in the media and the press following several bitter revelations in their marriage.

According to Medikal, he paid for Fella Makafui’s surgical procedure to enhance her body. He claimed that Fella Makafui wanted to look good for the weight loss and flat tummy products she was advertising.

Among many other things, the rapper accused Fella Makafui of physically assaulting him by hitting his head with a coffee cup and hitting him several times sometime ago in his residence at East Legon.

In the midst of the brouhaha it was revealed that Fella Makafui had moved out of the house she shared with Medikal.

“Fella has packed out of the house but manners who see her mum and accuse her of doing juju in her in-law’s house should stop it. Not cool,” he wrote, addressing rumours and accusations that have surfaced amid the couple’s public separation.

Adding to the speculation, footage has circulated online showing a sizable truck parked outside the property, presumably to transport Fella’s belongings.

This move follows a series of disputes over their living arrangements during their ongoing divorce proceedings. Medikal had insisted that Fella’s cousin, who had been residing with them for over two years, leave the house, exacerbating the couple’s tensions.

Anyway it seems Fella Makafui and Medikal might rekindle their love story.

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