Medikal has publicly addressed Davido’s alleged emotional reaction to the ongoing rap feud between Ghana and Nigeria.

The longstanding rivalry between the two sister West African nations has intensified following a feud instigated by Sarkodie. This complex relationship between Ghana and Nigeria was reignited when the Ghanaian artist released a single titled ‘Brag’.


Tensions have escalated as Medikal disclosed that he has blocked Davido amid the ongoing feud on social media.

“Davido just unfollowed me, to make it easier for him, I just blocked him. Loyalty is talent,” he posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. In another post, he stated, “I’m not the type of person to engage in typing back and forth with others, bringing up screenshots from the past and such, but if I’m there for you, you should be there for me. It’s that simple.”

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