Despite years of trading veiled jabs, the rappers have recently taken a more direct approach in expressing their mutual disdain for each other.

As the feud between them escalates, Kendrick Lamar and Drake have both unleashed new diss tracks, featuring merciless verses that bring their families into the fray.

Earlier this week, Lamar fired back at two of Drake’s tracks with “Euphoria,” where he labeled the Canadian rapper a “scam artist.”

In response, on Friday, Drake retaliated with “Family Matters,” hitting Lamar with lines like, “Why you never hold your son and tell him say cheese? We could have left the kids out of this, don’t blame me.” These lyrics appear to counter Lamar’s questioning of Drake’s parenting abilities in “Euphoria.”

Drake, widely recognized as the world’s most-streamed hip-hop artist, also seemed to imply in his latest release that one of Lamar’s children might not be fathered by him.

Lamar swiftly fired back with “Meet the Grahams,” getting just as personal by mentioning Drake’s son Adonis, as well as his parents, Sandra and Dennis Graham. “Dear Adonis, I’m sorry that that man is your father. Let me be honest, it takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive,” Lamar states in the track.

Drake and Lamar, the latter of whom earned a Pulitzer Prize for his fourth album, have engaged in a long-standing exchange of thinly veiled jabs over the years. However, the recent flurry of diss tracks highlights a significant shift in their dynamic, with their animosity now taking on a much more personal and overt tone.


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