Fella Makafui, the spouse and mother of Ghanaian rapper Medikal, asserts that social media has become indispensable for people worldwide.

The actress and entrepreneur highlights the role of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in connecting individuals globally, as well as providing entertainment.




She emphasizes, “Without social media, I don’t think a lot of people would survive. I don’t think so, because the world we are in now is social media. Everyone has a phone, and everyone is on their phone 24/7.”

Fella is confident that social media will continue to evolve, predicting that “In a few years, everything is just going to be on social media. The world is changing drastically, and we just have to move along with it.”

Offering guidance to social media users, she advises, “People need to channel more energy into that and use that platform for business instead of other purposes. That’s what I use social media for.”


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