Ghanaian actor and social media influencer, Akwasi Kardashian, is reaching out to the public for assistance after being diagnosed with kidney failure.

In a recent interview with Sammykay Media, Akwasi Kardashian tearfully appealed for donations to help fund a kidney transplant, which requires a substantial amount totaling GHC700,000.

When asked about his diagnosis timeline, Akwasi revealed that he had been diagnosed with high blood pressure (BP) five years ago but had not been undergoing any treatment.


Last year, he fell severely ill and was hospitalized. Following multiple laboratory tests, it was confirmed that his kidneys were failing, and he was subsequently put on dialysis.

Akwasi shared the staggering costs of dialysis, amounting to over GHC20,000 monthly.

With tears in his eyes, Akwasi Kardashian urged his friends, fans, and the public to come together to help save his life.

Watch video below:

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