The Ghana Police Service has detained the driver of a Hyundai truck bearing license plate GS 9018-20 for allegedly abandoning his vehicle on the Tema-Mpakadan railway line, resulting in a train accident on Thursday.

According to police reports, initial investigations indicate that the driver in question was negligent in monitoring the truck while it was positioned on the railway tracks, leading to a collision with a newly acquired Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train from Poland.


Although the identity of the suspect driver has not been disclosed, the police have confirmed that they are actively investigating the incident.

The collision occurred around 12:10 p.m. on a bend during a test run conducted by the Ministry of Railways Development. Despite the train’s emergency braking system being activated, it was unable to halt in time to avoid hitting the unattended vehicle parked on the tracks.

Fortunately, no fatalities were reported from the accident, although there was significant damage to the train’s cabin and the truck involved.

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