After spending several months abroad, Ghanaian TikTok Star Asantewaa has returned to Ghana and was spotted walking out of Kotoka International Airport to meet her eagerly waiting family.

Among the individuals welcoming her at the airport was DWP’s former dancer Afronita, who appeared thrilled to see Asantewaa back home after her extended stay abroad.

However, noticeably absent was Asantewaa’s baby, raising questions and speculation among onlookers. Some wondered if she had left the baby behind in the US or simply chose not to feature the baby in the online videos shared.

Just weeks ago, news circulated that Asantewaa had welcomed a baby after nearly 6 years of marriage. Rumors and unfounded speculations regarding her fertility and personal life were widely spread, including allegations of multiple abortions and criticism of her husband’s age and fertility.

Despite facing insults and backlash, Asantewaa’s joy of motherhood was evident upon her return to Ghana, marking a positive turn of events in her life


See the video of her arrival at the airport below:

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