The CEO of Stubborn Academy and Beyond Kontrol, Medikal, has revealed the reason behind his decision to cover up the tattoo of Fella Makafui’s name on his body.

Medikal and Fella Makafui were in a relationship for six years until recently, when the rapper announced their breakup. While he did not specify the exact reason for their split, he mentioned that they are now co-parenting their daughter, Island.

Following his announcement, netizens criticized him, suggesting that he was only making these claims to promote his upcoming concert in London.

To dispel these accusations and demonstrate his sincerity, Medikal shared a photo showing that he had covered Fella Makafui’s name tattoo on his arm.

In a recent interview, Medikal explained that he covered the tattoo of his ex-wife because he did not want his future girlfriend to see Fella Makafui’s name during intimate moments.

“This is a personal matter; I prefer that my future girlfriend or wife doesn’t see my baby mama’s name while we’re being intimate,” he remarked.


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