Nikki Samonas was known for her charm and beauty, but beneath her radiant smile lay a steely resolve when it came to matters of the heart. As a successful actress and media personality, Nikki had seen her fair share of relationships come and go, and she was tired of being treated as a passing fancy by men who couldn’t see beyond her exterior.


One chilly evening in late December, Nikki found herself at a bustling cafe in the heart of Accra, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa to ward off the winter chill. As she glanced around, her mind wandered to the upcoming year, 2024. It was a time for new beginnings, but also a time for setting boundaries.

With a determined gleam in her eye, Nikki leaned back in her chair and made a silent vow to herself. “You can’t date and dump me in 2024,” she whispered under her breath.

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