Salma Mumin, a Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, has indeed been known for her successful ventures in the food and clothing business. She has been open about her business endeavors and how they contribute to supporting her lifestyle. Salma Mumin owns a restaurant called “Salma’s Eatery” in Accra, Ghana, which has gained popularity for its cuisine and ambiance.

In interviews and social media posts, Salma has highlighted how her business ventures, including her restaurant and clothing line, have been essential in funding her lifestyle. She often shares updates about her businesses and promotes them on her social media platforms, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her ventures.


It’s important to note that many public figures, including actors and entrepreneurs like Salma Mumin, often leverage their business ventures to sustain their lifestyles and pursue their passions beyond their primary careers. Salma’s success in her food and clothing businesses reflects her business acumen and dedication to building sustainable ventures in addition to her acting career.

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