Mohbad’s mother has clarified that the public perception of her abandoning Mohbad and his siblings is untrue. She revealed that she was compelled to leave her marital home due to threats from her now ex-husband, who is Mohbad’s father.

She recounted that her father had opposed their marriage from the outset, even refusing to accept the traditional marriage proposal. As their marital problems escalated, particularly within the first year, she felt apprehensive about confiding in her parents about her struggles.

The circumstances eventually led her to leave the household, leaving her children behind, out of fear for her safety. This sheds light on the complexities of her situation and challenges she faced within her marriage.


Mohbad’s mother, identified as Abosede, further revealed that Joseph, Mohbad’s father, subjected her to physical abuse and death threats. Despite enduring these hardships, she remained in the marriage until concerned individuals reported the situation to her parents.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, these individuals urged her parents to intervene before it was too late. Consequently, her parents intervened and took her out of the marriage, ensuring her safety amid the challenging circumstances.


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