Ghanaian entertainer and comedian, Benson Nana Oduro, widely recognized as Funny Face, was involved in a car accident at Kakraba Junction in Kasoa.

Thankfully, Funny Face emerged from the incident unharmed, although it led to injuries for three pedestrians and damage to two motorbikes.

The cause of the accident remains ambiguous. However, eyewitnesses have suggested that alcohol consumption might have played a role, alleging that Funny Face was driving under the influence.


One individual who observed the tragic incident shared their account with UTV, a television station located in Accra. According to the witness, Funny Face collided with a mother and her two children, as well as two motorcyclists.

“I parked my car, and as soon as I stepped out, I noticed that a vehicle had hit someone. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was Funny Face.”

Watch video below:

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