In a resounding declaration of triumph, President Akufo-Addo celebrated Ghana’s remarkable achievements at the 13th African Games, affirming that the naysayers had been proven wrong.

The 13th African Games had been a stage set for Ghanaian athletes to showcase their talent, determination, and resilience on the continental platform. As the competition unfolded, doubts lingered, skepticism murmured, but the Ghanaian spirit burned bright.

Against all odds, Ghana’s athletes rose to the occasion, defying expectations and shattering barriers. With each race, each jump, and each victory, they etched their names in the annals of African sports history.


President Akufo-Addo, beaming with pride and admiration, hailed the athletes’ extraordinary performances. In his proclamation, he celebrated not only their athletic prowess but also their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.

The President’s words echoed across the nation, resonating with a sense of collective achievement and national pride. He lauded the athletes for their resilience in the face of adversity and their unwavering belief in their abilities.

As Ghana basked in the glory of its triumphs at the 13th African Games, President Akufo-Addo’s message served as a powerful reminder of the country’s potential and promise. The naysayers had been silenced, doubts dispelled, and Ghana’s place among Africa’s sporting elite reaffirmed.

With renewed determination and confidence, Ghana looked ahead to future competitions, fueled by the memories of its triumphs at the 13th African Games and the unwavering support of its people. In the words of President Akufo-Addo, the journey to greatness had only just begun.

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