The CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Hospital, Dr Grace Boadu was put to rest over the weekend.

The final funeral rites of the herbalist were held at her hometown in  Ejisu in the Ashanti region.

According to reports, the family contacted the ex-husband of Dr Grace Boadu to stand in as the widower and also perform the widowhood rites.

That did not sit well with Dr Grace Boadu’s boyfriend Kingsley as he’s gone on a rampage on social media.

Kingsley has called the family a disgrace for hiring Dr Grace Boadu’s ex-husband for the funeral.

According to him, the marriage was officially over – they divorced legally and went their separate ways, but the family hired him to play the role of a widower because of properties.

Following Dr Grace Boadu’s funeral, Kingsley has been on an attack spree against the family as he was not welcome at the funeral.

But whilst some fans sympathize with him, others are lashing out at him for being a hypocrite.

According to them, Kingsley is also married but had wanted to be the widower all because of Dr Grace Boadu’s properties.


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