Ghanaian Executive Chef, Faila Abdul Razak is geared and ready to represent Ghana in an International Horticultural Expo in Doha, Qatar on March 9.

Despite getting disqualified by GWR on her longest cooking attempt, things are looking great for Chef Faila.

She was invited by the Ghana Tourism Authority to collaborate with a resident caterer to showcase the rich flavors and cultural diversity of Ghana through its traditional dishes.

Faila will present Ghanaian delicacies and authentic Ghanaian drinks like millet drink, cocoa drink, and sobolo to international patrons at the event.

Chef Faila made the announcement in a Facebook post on Tuesday, March 5 and expressed her excitement to represent Ghana at the international event.

“Participating in the International Horticultural Expo is an incredible opportunity for me to share my passion for Ghanaian cuisine with a global audience,” said Executive Chef Faila.

She will leave Ghana on March 6 to participate in the event expected to end on March 12.

Chef Faila has turned her lemons to delicious lemonade and Ghanaians are proud of her.


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