Afua Asantewaa has blamed her disqualification by Guinness World Records on some Ghanaians sending some videos of her singathon to the body.

According to her, bitter Ghanaians were determined to see her fail and some of them therefore sent videos of her contest in which they perceived her to be breaking rules to organisers of the event.

Afua Asantewaa has been dragging Ghanaians recently over her disqualification from the Guinness World Record sing-a-thon attempt.

Initially when she was disqualified, Afua Asantewaa apparently kept the information private and started angrily lashing out at Ghanaians.

When Guinness World Records later exposed her, she came out to ‘lie’ about it, claiming she never received a message from Guinness.

She also claimed that she never needed fame from her sing-a-thon because she was already famous prior to undertaking the challenge.

Needless to say, all these antagonistic stances has turned Ghanaians against Afua and hence she’s going all out now, claiming she was disqualified due to the acts of bitter Ghanaians and not her own failure to adhere to the rules.


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