Red Light is a late-night TV show that airs on UTV and it’s hosted by actress Vicky Zugah.

The program aims to entertain viewers during a time when they may be unwinding or seeking relaxation before bedtime.

The content is purely sex-related hence people under 18 are not allowed to watch.

During last night’s edition (29th February 2023) – A guy named Quatt who made an appearance was asked to teach men how to lick the V of women.

He was given a lady named Pressure View for education purposes.

As seen on live TV, Quatt was given a dildo to strap around his waist for Pressure View to suck just like manhood.

Quatt also licked the V of Pressure View. All these happened on live TV.

This has triggered a wave of reactions from Ghanaians who have expressed their displeasure on social media.

Watch video below:


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