Kumawood actress Bernice Asare has reportedly lost her 8-year-old daughter.

According to reports, her daughter identified as Nhyira battled a strange illness for over 2 years.

Sources claim the actress fought through the period, taking her to various medical centres, but unfortunately, she passed on yesterday, February 29th 2024.

Following the demise of Bernice Asare’s daughter, a series of videos have popped up on social media claiming the Nation’s Prophet Opambour cursed her and some other people.

The man of God laid deadly curses on her and her children, noting that she would bury all her children and even curse her womb.

In the video, Opambour noted that a gentleman had bore false witness against him, and whoever interviewed him and offered him the platform to tarnish his image was cursed.

That supposedly affected Actress Bernice Asare as she was the one who granted that interview.

After the incident, there were calls on her to apologise to the man of God but she refused.

In a throwback video, the CEO of Ghpage blog Rashad asked her if she had gone with some elders to apologise to Opmabour but she stated point blank that she wasn’t going to do that because she did nothing wrong.

Now, people believe that Opambour’s curses have started working against her following the death of her firstborn.

Watch video below;


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