Musicians Edem and Sister Derby have been trending for days on X after the latter accused him of cheating on his wife.

This banter started when Sister Derby expressed dissatisfaction with the apology issued by the lady, Jess, who danced provocatively with Omah Lay at his concert.

While fans bashed the girl’s actions, forcing her to apologise, Sister Derby shared a post online saying, “…Boys will cheat publicly and not ever dare apologise publicly. The girl do yawa by apologising, in my opinion.”

Rapper, Edem countered Sister Derby’s reasoning, which sought to embolden the lady whom many believe disrespected her boyfriend with her flirtatious dance with Omah Lay.
He said, “If you no take relationship World Cup,you can’t take marriage World Cup..One be dress rehearsal one be show… Unless you no be serious.”

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