The leader of the 4 kings, Apantang Gearbox has exposed musician Shatta Wale as a pimp in a fresh interview.

He disclosed that Shatta Wale pimped a hookup lady for him but it didn’t work out between them.

According to him, Shatta Wale linked one of his girls to him in a TikTok live video after he asked if he had a girlfriend.

Gearbox responded that he was still because of the name Medikal gave him (Gearbox).

Shatta Wale who is well connected with girls, both posh and russ immediately supplied him with one.

Gearbox disclosed in an interview that he started chatting with the lady to try his luck but he dumped her after she referred to him as Gearbox.

He noted he felt the lady agreed to befriend him because of his fame and not out of love

Watch video below:



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