Mary, Kuami Eugene‘s former house help has said that if care is not taken she might resort to using unprintable words on the young musician and bring to the limelight what is hidden.

Mary continues to drag his name in the mud, lobbing all sorts of allegations against him. Her latest claim alleges that Kuami Eugene is labeling her ungrateful after the duo kept an arm’s length from each other.

In a viral self-recorded video, Mary has told the “Yolo” hitmaker to come out and let Ghanaians know the things he did for her that make him label her ungrateful.

According to Mary, Kuami Eugene has not done anything for her apart from paying her and giving her other things she deserved as a house help.

In another viral video, Mary stated without a shadow of a doubt that the only thing she got as a housemaid for the musician was the name, Rockstar.

Mary has revealed that she is waiting for Kuami Eugene to detail why he calls her ungrateful.

“Kuami Eugene helped me and I have been ungrateful to him so I just want him to come and say it. He should come and say what he did for me that I have been ungrateful to him, you understand. That is what I am waiting for. That is the only thing I am waiting for”, she said in the viral video.

“So he went to social media to tell Ghanaians to stop insulting her. Please Kuami Eugene, for the sake of the respect that I have for you, let them insult me. They are insulting me already. If not that day I never knew that song you wrote it for me, that Yolo song, I never knew you sang it for me. If I start to talk, I will talk plenty and expose you”, she added.

Watch video below:

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