Afua Asantewaa has clarified her recent comments on one Ghana Cedi data bundles, stating that her remarks were misunderstood and intended as a cyberbullying campaign.

According to her, her comment was just a cyber bullying campaign that wass miscontructed.

Afua recently was of the view that some people on social media do not know how to communicate properly and end up in public ridicule.

She wrote, “Too many people expose their ignorance on social media. They comment anyhow with 1gh data and DM [direct message] or meet you in person begging for money or [a] job.

Luck [lack] of knowledge, many shall perish. They don’t know their contact or email used to register their ghost can easily be tracked,” she added.

However, she encouraged her followers to overcome the abusive words people throw at them on the internet just for being themselves.

Some people on social media are intimidated anytime they see you on their timelines or FYP [For You Page], the tourism ambassador said, adding that “they don’t know you from anywhere and might not have an acquaintance with you, they just hate you and would say you post [yourself] too much.”

Despite facing criticism for her comments, Afua emphasized in a live interview with Pulse Ghana that she did not intend to degrade her supporters and appreciates everyone who has supported her.

Watch the video below:

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