Mr Ibu’s son and his adopted daughter have been arrested as they have been busted for stealing their father’s money of about $60,700 and planning to ‘jappa’ (leave the country) with it.

Detectives at the Force Criminal Investigation Department Annex in Alagbion, Ikoyi, Lagos, have reported the recovery of N50 million withdrawn from the hacked bank account of Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu.

Subsequently, Mr. Ibu’s son, Onyebuchi Okafor, and his partner, Jasmine Okekeagwu, were arrested and charged with conspiracy and stealing.

The arrest followed a petition received on September 6, 2023, from Diamond Waves Law, representing Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris Okafor. The petition alleged that Ibu’s sons, Daniel and Valentine Okafor, along with Jasmine Okekeagwu, conspired to defraud Mr. Ibu.

According to ASP Mayegun Aminat, the spokesperson for the FCID, Mr. Ibu initiated a public fundraising initiative to cover his medical bills, with his wife initially managing the funds. However, Daniel Okafor and Jasmine Okekeagwu allegedly manipulated Mrs. Stella Maris Okafor, gained control of Mr. Ibu’s phone, and hacked into his banking details.

They re-installed the mobile banking applications on Onyeabuchi Daniel Okafor’s phone, wiping off the original applications on Mr. Ibu’s phone. This gave them control over the funds donated by the public for Mr. Ibu’s medical expenses. Onyeabuchi Okafor and Jasmine Okekeagwu reportedly transferred N55 million from Mr. Ibu’s public fundraising account to Onyeabuchi Okafor’s personal bank.

According to, Evidence from forensic analysis and WhatsApp messages revealed the detailed planning of their fraudulent activities. The suspects also had a sham marriage at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry and planned to escape to the United Kingdom with their ill-gotten gains. They had applied for a UK visa before their arrest.

During the investigation, N5 million of the stolen funds was traced to questionable transactions, while the remaining N50 million was recovered from Onyeabuchi Okafor. The suspects were charged at the Chief Magistrates Court 1, Yaba, and were granted bail of N15 million with two sureties.

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