Popular Ghanaian dance squad DWP (Dance With Purpose) is reportedly going through some changes as Afronita, a vital member of the group, has quit to seek a solo career, according to claims that are now circulating online.

Recognized for their exuberant dance routines and partnerships with diverse musicians, DWP has emerged as a significant player in the entertainment sector.

Afronita, a key part of the team from the group’s founding a few years ago, changed her official Instagram handle recently and deleted the DWP link from it. This action has increased rumors that she is leaving the dance collective.

Afronita’s resignation was the subject of rumors that started to circulate a few months ago. They said that she disregarded the manager of the dance crew’s orders because she felt too important to the group.

The supposed disagreement came to light after DWP manager Quables and Ghanaian music producer MOG Beatz got into an online argument about the crew’s noncompliance with a dance video contract.

The most recent event, according to which Afronita is concentrating on her solo career, gives the continuing story about the dancing squad a fresh perspective.

The loss of a significant contributor raises concerns about DWP’s future course and its capacity to continue putting on engaging and cogent performances in the absence of Afronita.

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