Ghanaian hip-hop sensation, Pappy Kojo, has made headlines once again after a heated incident at the recently concluded Uniland Festival in Accra.

Trouble began brewing when the artist, using his X platform, issued a threat to disrupt the event. I’m coming with boys to come stop the show. next time u will know who to play with’, He warned.

Videos circulating on social media captured the moment Pappy Kojo stormed the stage and seized the DJ’s turntable. In a subsequent clip, he faced a confrontation regarding the incident.

According to an eyewitness, entertainment journalist Dessy Fayden from Metro TV, Pappy Kojo took such drastic action due to alleged non-payment of appearance fees by the event organizers.

Fayden narrated, “Pappy Kojo seized my colleague @iamdjlegend DJ controller because he said the Uniland organizers owed him. That’s why he was on the stage and was eventually pushed off. My boy’s controller is now damaged.”

Additional footage showed Pappy Kojo grabbing the microphone from the MC, announcing the cancellation of the show. Bouncers later forcibly removed him from the stage, resulting in an ankle injury. The artist was then assisted to an ambulance by some individuals.

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