In a spectacular display of solidarity and camaraderie, a host of celebrities have flocked to support Afua Asantewaa in her ambitious attempt to set a Guinness World Record with a marathon sing-a-thon.

The event has become a magnet for well-known personalities, each lending their voices, fame, and encouragement to make Asantewaa’s musical feat a resounding success.

From acclaimed musicians to actors, influencers, and sports personalities, the gathering showcases a diverse array of talent united by a shared commitment to championing Asantewaa’s record-breaking endeavor.

In an ambitious move, Afua Asantewaa at exactly midnight on Sunday, commenced her attempt to break the world record for the longest singing marathon, which currently stands at 105 hours.

The sing-a-thon which is expected to last from December 24 to 27, 2023, has received wide public support from Ghanaians.

he Akwaaba Village which is the venue for the event has seen hundreds of Ghanaians trooping in to cheer on Asantewaa to achieve her goal.

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