Ghanaian actor, Stephen Atangah, popularly known as Don Little, has been taken into police custody after allegedly being involved in a collision with a motorbike rider.

According to an eyewitness report, Don Little was taking a friend who was battling with suicidal issues to the hospital, and on his way, the accident occurred.

It was noted that while driving to the hospital, Don Little came across motor riders on the road and his efforts to avoid them and pave the way for him proved futile. His intention to bypass them, according to the eyewitness, led to the clash with the motor rider.

During an interaction with the police, Don Little was heard saying, “I was taking someone to the hospital and one of the motor riders was in the middle lane and I clashed with him. How can you allow the person I was taking to the hospital to go and arrest me?”

It is yet to be known how the police will handle the case going forward.

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