Yaw Tog is coming clear and blunt over his split from the Asaka Boys group as he has called out Jay Bahd for misconstruing matters around their separation.

The ‘Sore’ rapper’s fallout from the Kumerica rap group has since been an unending debate. A few weeks ago, Jay Bahd who is a member of the Asaka Boys, opened up on the issue and claimed Yaw Tog ditched the group over YouTube revenue.

According to Jay Bahd, Yaw Tog is the one who also started shading the Asaka Boys publicly to further create bad blood between them.

He was the one going about claiming Asaka Boys smoke wee, he said his mother said we smoke wee but you now too you smoke wee and have tattoos … all the hate started from Yaw Tog,” Jay Bahd said in the interview below.

Responding to the comments from Jay Bahd during an exclusive interview with pulse.com.gh, Yaw Tog called Jay Bahd a liar when he said “he is capping“. According to the rapper, things went south in the group after he declined to sign a contract that didn’t favour him.
Nobody forced me to sign a contract, they gave me a contract and I said I won’t sign so that’s where everything started from,” he said, adding that “Jay Bahd no be Jesus Christ make you people forget Jay Bahd”.
He continued that “he is capping. I didn’t sign a contract, they should ask City Boy what he said to us.” Yaw Tog who is out with a new song ‘Tonight’ that is also full of shots, revealed that he doesn’t talk to anyone from the Asaka Boys group again.

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