Actress cum socialite Victoria Lebene has gotten people talking after storming a recent program in what seems like a nightie.

Victoria Lebene caused mega stir at the Rthym of the Runway fashion show which happened last night at Soho bar and restaurant.

Lebene rocked a silky dress with a wild cut on the thigh down to her pant. And though she covered it with a long sleeves shirt, it didn’t really help because it was all opened.

n a trending video on social media, Victoria Lebene is seen sitting with her whole thigh showing.

On top of that, she was trying to s*xually elicit whoever that was watching.

Unfortunately, her whole attempt of trying to be sexy has gotten her into trouble as trolls came at her.

According to social media users, Victoria Lebene is not s*xy and she cannot force to be.

Some are also lashing out at her for exposing herself as a married woman and a mother of two.

Watch the video below;

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