Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most renowned rappers, has stated that he continues to reward former label signees even after they leave his company.

Sarkodie revealed to Angela Yee on the highly renowned “Way Up Show” in New York City in an exclusive interview that he has a strong feeling of empathy for his former Sarckcess Music signees such as StrongMan and Akwaboah. The discussion took place in New York City.

According to the artist known as the “Landlord,” he had a unique approach of managing artists that prioritises fairness, mutual respect, and genuine care for the well-being of his artists.

“I feel for them and I feel like I’ll like to give them what I would want if I had the same situation,” he was quoted as saying on the programme. “I feel like I’ll like to give them what I would want if I had the same situation.”

Sarkodie said that, despite being the only investor in each artist’s career, he promised them each a 50/50 split of their revenues, a deal he would cherish if he were in their shoes as an artist.

During the interview, Sarkodie said, “Probably I was one of the only labels that would give a 50/50 percentage while I was putting in the money because that is what I would ever love for myself.”

Fast forward, Strongman in a fresh interview with Portfolio on BKC TV has called the rhetoric of Sarkodie over royalties payments a bluff and mere braggadocio!!

In the voice of Strongman, the very royalties Sarkodie claims to have been paying solely belong to him, as those songs were composed by him and he paid the production costs accordingly.

Therefore, under no circumstances should Sarkodie brag about paying him royalties or whatsoever.

Enough; watch the interview below for more.

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