Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has criticized the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for its decision to ban celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages. Baidoo expressed dissatisfaction with the FDA, accusing the regulatory body of making decisions without transparent justifications or providing data.

During an appearance on the United Showbiz show on November 18, Baidoo argued that the FDA’s ban is adversely affecting the entertainment industry, noting that many celebrities depend on endorsement deals with alcoholic beverage companies for income.

He suggested that the FDA’s decision could disrupt revenue streams in the industry by preventing beverage companies from sponsoring events and productions.

Baidoo contended that while the FDA aims to promote decency in society, its actions are detrimental to the entertainment sector. He highlighted that beverage companies often engage celebrities as brand ambassadors, and cutting off this avenue could harm the industry.

“Most of these alcoholic beverage companies take on celebrities as brand ambassadors, and you and I know for a fact that one of the biggest revenue-generating points for these celebrities is endorsement deals”

“If you cut such an avenue, you are killing the entertainment industry. Beverage companies can’t sponsor events and productions. The FDA thinks it’s creating sanity in society, but it’s destroying the entertainment industry,”

The pundit pointed to international brands like Heineken, which advertise their products without explicitly showing celebrities consuming alcohol, and questioned why a similar approach couldn’t be adopted in Ghana, emphasizing the potential positive impact of celebrities in promoting responsible drinking and educating children.

“If you look at the adverts by Heineken, they do the adverts without showing the celebrities actually drinking them. So why can’t we do the same?”

Watch the video below:

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