Popular Ghanaian musician and socialite, Sam Safo, widely known as Showboy, is said to be released from prison after serving four years in jail for stabbing a friend called Junior US.

Showboy, who announced his release from prison today, June, 7, on Instagram yesterday said he wanted to be in Ghana

Junior US survived the stabbing but was later killed in a robbery attack in 2021 and at the time of his death, many people accused Showboy’s ‘men’ of carrying out the crime.

However, a few years down the lane, Showboy has been released from prison, and in a recent video shared on social media, he has been captured on the shores of Ghana.

Announcing his return on Instagram, the former AMG group co-founder shared a video of himself at the beach embarking on a ritual cleanse.

“I am back to pay homage to all the gods and my ancestors. I am back.” He spoke.

In the caption that accompanied his post, Showboy who disclosed how his mental health has since been disoriented by the entire encounter thanked everyone who stood by him.

“Thanks to Allah/God and our ancestors for everything!!! Shouts to all my dawgs /Families that held me down and never turned their back on me…shouts to all that tolerated my depression and sorry to all I offended !!! back for everything !! FINALLY FREE !!!” he retorted.

How Showboy accused Criss Waddle of setting him up

Even though Showboy was in detention, he was quite active on social media, sharing details of his life and events leading to his incarceration.

In one of his posts last year, he accused Criss Waddle, founder of AMG Record label, which he is said to be co-founder for setting him up.

“Criss Waddle sent junior us to my house (apartment) … they set me up…my life hasnt been the same since then. July 3, 2016. I never forget this day. U can read the statement and see the lies they told police, came to court and denied everything and said they scared of me”.

Watch the video below;

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