Andrew Kofi Cudjoe chiefly known as Andrew keche, has said that he has composed songs for several artists but does not discuss it.

He revealed in an interview with Property FM that he wrote Yaa Jackson’s ‘Ehwe Papa’ song, but he doesn’t boast about it.

“I have written songs for people,” he said Amansan Krakye, the presenter, “but have you ever heard that I’ve gone somewhere to say that I wrote Yaa Jackson’s Ehwe Papa?”

“I wrote that song with Fameye from beginning to end for her, and she called me to say she wanted it, and I gladly gave it to her.”

“And she’s been the one talking about it on TV and radio when she goes on interviews, saying how grateful she is to Keche Andrew for writing the song.”

“I’ve never mentioned it anywhere, and this is the first time I’m saying it on Property FM because she said it herself, but I didn’t do it to claim the glory,” he added.

“Besides I write for a couple of people that I would not come and talk about it but those people when they are out there, they talk about it themselves.”

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