Ghanaian gospel singer, Diana Asamoah has opened up about her perspective on relationships and how she handles advances from men.

According to her, she has declined numerous marriage proposals from men because she is dedicated to her ministry and wishes to remain focused.

In an interview with Okay FM, Diana Asamoah candidly discussed her relationship status and the reasons behind her decision to postpone marriage at this stage in her life.

She shared, “So many of them [men who propose to her] come into my life, but I do not allow them because I want to focus on the work of God. I have been in full-time ministry for a long time.”

Diana Asamoah emphasized that her ministry work is of utmost importance in her life. While she occasionally engages in other activities like politics and philanthropy, her ministry remains her top priority.

She explained, “Of all the things I do, including politics, philanthropy, and ministry work, the one I prioritize the most is the ministry.”

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