Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has clearly laid down the difference between Nana Ama McBrown and MzGee when it comes to presenting, stating that McBrown is not in MzGee’s class in regards to hosting a show.

Arnold made his revelation during a recent appearance on a podcast in which he discussed the output of both ladies as presenters.

As you probably already know, entertainment guru Arnold is one of the permanent panellists on United Showbiz.

Hence, he was on the show during the two or three years actress Nana Ama McBrown served as host and has also been on the show for the past year or so that MzGee has taken over since Mcbrown’s move to Onua TV.

Comparing the two ladies, Arnold stated flatly that McBrown was not a real television host but was brought in as an actress and taught how to host the show.

Baidoo said although McBrown hosted her show McBrown’s Kitchen prior to being given United Showbiz, she was a novice in terms of hosting an actual entertainment show.

He said to cover her defects, the show initially focused more on personality profiles, music and dance and other aspects to the detriment to the entertainment discussion part of the show.

Arnold said MzGee came in as a complete professional and on another level to McBrown hence was able to transform the show to have more of a focus on the entertainment discussion side.

Watch the video below;

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