Ghanaian singer, Mzbel, has indicated that her son, Okomfo Black, may be facing isolation at school due to his recent comments about the existence of God.

This comes in response to a viral interview in which Okomfo Black made statements expressing his disbelief in the existence of an almighty creator.

A Facebook post by a user named Voice suggested that some Christian parents might advise their children not to befriend Mzbel’s son after his interview.

In reaction to this, Mzbel shared the post with a caption, “Yes, it’s already happening at his school.”

In the interview, the 10-year-old Okomfo Black shared unconventional views about God, emphasizing that he does not perceive God as a parental figure. He asserted that his mother is the one who cares for him and provides for his needs, while God does not do anything for him.

The interview sparked criticism regarding Mzbel’s parenting choices and allowing her children to discuss sensitive topics in public.

In defense of her son, Mzbel explained in an Instagram post that they do not believe in the existence of an almighty God. Instead, they view everything with life as a god, including the importance of honoring their ancestors.

Mzbel emphasized that they acknowledge and honor all forms of life during their libation ceremonies, and they pay tribute to their ancestors whose blood and spirit run through them.

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