Attention seeking Ghanaian actress and TikTok Star, Asantewaa who has realized that her fame is going down has decided to create a controversy to go viral on the internet.

In a self-recorded video, the TikTok star lamented about how her fellow women called her barren for not giving birth despite marrying for 7 years now.

She said in the video that she is sick and tired of the name calling and bashing she keeps receiving from her fellow women over her inability to give birth. As a result, she has decided to accept the fact that she is a barren woman.

But reacting in the comments, some people claimed that Asantewaa was heavily pregnant when they saw her in town a few days ago.

They wondered why she would accept her fate as a barren woman when she was heavily pregnant. Asantewaa is known for always seeking for attention and validation from the public. As a result, some people suggested that since she hasn’t been in the news for a while now, she is doing whatever it takes to become famous.

Her fake tears made it obvious that she wanted to trend for a few days

Watch the video below;

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