Amen hitmaker, Guru has revealed that the cost of shooting some of his music videos can build a complete 3-bedroom house.

Guru says he prioritizes quality for his music videos and thus invests well into his music craft for the standard he has carved over the years.

Speaking on Kessben TV’s Music Plus with Mr. Bonez, Guru recount that the total cost of his track “Problem” could have built a 3-bedroom house”

He further revealed that during the making of the video of his popular “Pooley track,” he took about 25 people to South Africa to shoot the video of the song.

“The cost of shooting “Problem” could have built a 3 bedroom house. You understand when you watch the video, the quality, and all that.

And on the Pooley song, I took about 25 people all to South Africa to shoot that video, imagine the accommodation costs, feeding, etc. I go for quality.

Oftentimes when I tell my mother that we are going to shoot a video, she will tell me eii so you are going to build another house, throwing this money into this” He said.

The rapper cum singer has officially released the video of his recent hit track, eye nwanwa featuring Dr Likee, Ama Thundra, 39-40, Seniorman Leyla, Kyekyeku, and Sobolo.

Watch the video below;

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