CCTV footage depicting the intrusion of hooligans into the UTV studio has been released, the incident occurred during the live broadcast of the entertainment analysis show, United Showbiz, on October 7.

A group of individuals with hostile intentions forcibly entered the UTV studios, disrupting the ongoing live production and causing chaos shortly after the program commenced, leading to the suspension of the live telecast.

It has come to light that the intruders assaulted some staff members as they entered the studios.

Two technical staff members of the United Showbiz program on UTV were roughed up by these aggrieved individuals who stormed the station. On October 14, UTV released CCTV footage showing how one of their producers, Isaac, and the head of the camera were manhandled by the hooligans.

The footage shows, Isaac approaching the group in a corridor, and engaging them in conversation, but was violently pushed by the men. The head of the camera faced a similar ordeal when he encountered the intruders in the same corridor

This violent incident received strong condemnation on social media, with civil society organizations denouncing the attack.

The NPP had previously expressed concerns about the show, as its panelists often criticized the government. The party sent a letter to the organization, requesting program reform.

However, this letter was met with widespread objection, with many considering it an infringement on media rights and operations. It is believed that the attack on the studio panelists on October 7 was motivated by this controversy.

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