Ghanaian TikTok sensation Aba Martin, popularly known as Aba Dope, recently shared her inspirational journey to self-confidence and self-acceptance.

In an interview with Delay on her Delay Show, Aba Dope, discussed her Brazilian butt-lift surgery.

She revealed that the surgery cost approximately GHC 25,000, not including additional expenses such as hotel accommodations and aftercare.

In her conversation with Delay, delved into her motivation for undergoing the procedure. Aba Dope candidly admitted that her decision to enhance her body was driven by a feeling of unattractiveness.

Speaking with Delay recently, the co-host of Onua TV’s Concert Party show revealed that her motivation to enhance her body stemmed from her perception of herself as unattractive.

Aba Dope confessed that whenever she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt like she looked like a transgender person.

She candidly mentioned feeling uncomfortable with her small buttocks, which made her feel masculine and unattractive. These insecurities were so profound that she even likened her appearance to that of a transgender person.

Aba Dope went on to share an incident from her secondary school days that significantly impacted her self-esteem. She recounted an experience with her teacher, Mr. Tsibu, who publicly humiliated her.

According to her, the teacher singled her out, removing her from a line of girls going for a contest, deeming her unworthy due to her appearance, and instead, she was placed in the choir. This incident left a lasting scar on her self-esteem, reinforcing her belief that she needed to alter her appearance to be accepted and feel beautiful.

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