Nigerian music sensation, Davido, has recently found himself at the center of widespread speculation as numerous news outlets claimed that he and his wife, Chioma, have welcomed twins.

While the musician himself neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, he did urge his fans to refrain from sharing his old photos and videos as a means to validate the news.

A particular video that circulated on social media showed Davido sleeping beside Chioma on a hospital bed following her delivery, and it swiftly went viral.

This led many fans to believe that the couple had indeed welcomed twins, and they began offering their heartfelt congratulations.

However, Davido was quick to debunk the video, describing it as outdated. Nevertheless, eager fans of the music star have been urging him to confirm the news so they can extend their congratulations appropriately.

This situation is particularly significant given the heartbreaking tragedy that Davido and Chioma faced just last year when they lost their son. The tragic incident involved the drowning of their child in a pool, making any news of new additions to their family especially poignant.

Therefore, the rumour of the arrival of twins is being seen by social media users as something of a miraculous turnaround, and they await official confirmation from Davido to share in the joy with the couple.

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