Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Miriam Adjei popularly known by stage as Maya Blu, has opened up about her personal life and career in music, revealing that she first started as an actress.

In a recent interview with 3xtra, Maya Blu disclosed that a chance encounter at a church rehearsal led her to discover her singing talent.

According to her, her music career was discovered at the tender age of 15 when she sang a song at a church rehearsal, catching the attention of the pianist which marked the inception of her musical career and eventually led her to Lynx Entertainment.

“I actually started as an actress. I used to take part in stage acts and performances in school. Until I was 15 years old in SHS one I went to escort a friend to a church rehearsal. She was singing a song. She couldn’t really sing it well and I was like ‘This is my favourite song’ and I sang it and the pianist was like ‘wow, that was cool’ Then we started something out performing at restaurants and live band performances.” She added.

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