Talent manager and entertainment critics, Mr. Logic has expressed his frustration with the prevalent lack of genuine support and funding in the music industry, asserting that this is the primary obstacle impeding its growth.

He vehemently dismisses the notion that Shatta Wale is not responsible for hindering industry progress, labeling such claims as unfounded.

Speaking on the UTV Showbiz Night, Mr. Logic explained that the constant negative comparisons and criticism deter potential investors from allocating resources to artists who have the potential to achieve feats similar to those of Nigerian artists.

He emphasized that the significant international success of Nigerian artists is rooted in substantial investments and support from the industry, an approach that Ghanaian artists could also benefit from.

Mr. Logic contested the idea that artists like Shatta Wale, who has an extensive track record in the industry, are incapable of filling venues like the O2 Arena. He noted that investors’ confidence has eroded due to the negative conversations surrounding the industry, affecting both artists and their prominence.

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