Ghanaian rapper Vincent Osei Kwaku chiefly known as Strongman and a fashion critic Firestick, in a Twitter discussion about the fashion preferences of Ghanaian artistes, engaged in a heated argument. The clash revolved around Firestick’s “Wear Legit” concept, which promotes the wearing of genuine sneakers and clothing by celebrities.

The disagreement between the two personalities escalated quickly, leading to a verbal exchange that highlighted their differing viewpoints. Strongman was notably displeased with Firestick’s advocacy for authenticity in celebrity attire and argued that not every artiste could afford to spend money on expensive clothing. Strongman said some musicians were independent artiste and had no record label to back them hence could not waste money on frivolities.

The “Wear Legit” ideology, proposed by Firestick, urges public figures, especially those in the entertainment industry, to wear original outfits and sneakers. This notion aims to encourage fans and followers to choose genuine products over knock-offs. As the Twitter Space discussion unfolded, Strongman and Firestick found themselves at odds. Their opposing stances on the matter quickly turned into a fiery exchange of words. Strongman, never one to shy away from confrontation, did not hesitate to express his dissent. In a sharp retort, he labelled Firestick as a failed boxer, seemingly attempting to undermine Firestick’s credibility in the world of fashion criticism.

Listen to the audio below;

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