Ghanaian musician, Fameye, has had enough of the constant comparison between Ghanaian and Nigerian music scenes.

Social media has been set on fire following Nigerian musician, Asake’s successful London O2 Arena concert.

Asake’s impressive performance at the O2 Arena has ignited a lively debate about the differences between Nigerian and Ghanaian music, leading to various opinions from industry professionals and musicians.

Industry players and musicians alike have both shared their opinions on the matter, including Fameye who thinks fans have taken away the worth of artists in Ghana through the constant comparison and criticism.

According to Fameye, this constant “name and shame” has left Ghanaian artistes depressed and frustrated.

In a tweet, he expressed his dissatisfaction with how the constant comparisons have devalued the worth of artists in Ghana “You people especially for this App take agenda comot all the value & worth of Artiste in this country, depressed & frustrate us!!!” he wrote.

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