Ghana’s entertainment landscape is no stranger to controversies and viral moments, and this time, well known entertainment critic and radio show host Ola Michael has become the epicentre of online discussion due to his recent appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz program.

Last weekend’s episode of UTV’s United Showbiz program featured Ola Michael as a guest and he unanticipatedly brought more than just insightful discussions on the show as he stormed the studios with a very dirty looking-old pair of shoes.

In the trending photos that have ignited a wave of attention, Ola Michael can be seen wearing a pair of seemingly oversized and worn-out shoes.

The shoes, combined with his choice of attire have created a visual contrast that has since puzzled and intrigued Ghanaians.

However, it was not just the shoes that have caught the eyes of the online community; Ola Michael’s legs appeared pale and, according to some observers, somewhat unkempt.

The images have swiftly triggered an avalanche of online reactions, as Ghanaians from all walks of life have expressed their opinions on the bold fashion choice.

Social media users have seized the opportunity to engage in a spirited exchange of comments and memes, subjecting Ola Michael to what some might call ‘light-hearted’ trolling.

Reacting to the viral shoes, Osborn Kibaki Kulibaly for instance commented – Toys film nkoaaa u guys Dey do

Isaac Mensah – Shatta wale come see the 2 cedis 50 pesewas shoe were talking about

Köjó Yôûñg Ríçh – 2gh shoe

Köjó Yôûñg Ríçh – He should have rather beg wale for a shoe  instead of him saying that shit

Kind Orlando – The shoe is literally colourless and odourless

Luda Brandy GH  – Don’t let’s people talk talk get into you…They even need help than you do. Ghana man life

Airline Boss – This shoe prevent snake

Rick K Don – Clearly people have edited and reedited. Lighting made it look like that but deliberately people have edited it to look bad

Check the screenshot below;

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