Ghanaian media personality cum entrepreneur Adwoa Yeboah Asuama Kusi popularly known as Ohemaa Woyeje has flexed her wealth, flaunting a fleet of customised cars in a viral video.

The former Multimedia journalist jumped on Instagram to also flex her muscles a bit.

Celebrities generally have a few status symbols – number of cars, size of mansion, marital status etc.

Every once in a while they have to remind the little people of how much they’re enjoying in life.

Ohemaa Woyeje jumped on Instagram to do this, sharing a video showing her impressive fleet of cars.

Each car was customised in her name as well and she added the caption: “Customizing your own vehicle(s) is a bluff! (True or False) ? 😄 #gratitude 🥂🙏”

The video elicited reactions from impressed followers – as you might image she had wanted.

They can’t style it up like this #👑Woyeje_To_The_Wiase 🌍🌏🌐 ❤️❤️❤️✊,” a fan wrote.

Another added: “Madam of all the madams you do all,”

Watch the video below;

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