Friday Night’ hitmaker Lasmid, has said he did no wrong taking a bow from Highly Spiritual Music record label.

He expressed his surprise at comments made by the sound engineer and Highly Spiritual record label boss, Kaywa, about his decision to leave the record label.

Lasmid speaking on Accra-based Kingdom FM said “I didn’t know leaving Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual will be a disappointment to him. I never knew about that. I believe when you do something wrong, that is when people get hurt or feel disappointed but that is different in my case.

However, if people believe I have done something wrong, then I will address whatever issues it is at the right time. I’m still cool with Papa and I’m sure about that because we still talk. I was even at his mother’s funeral recently.”

Earlier, Kaywa opened up about the emotional impact of his signee Lasmid’s decision to leave the record label, revealing that it broke his heart.

He stated that some internal issues fueled the decision, and despite the back-and-forth conversations they had, Lasmid’s mind was made up.

The conversation with Lasmid has been a back and forth but it was way before VGMA. He started trumpeting ‘I want to go, I want to go’ a long time ago. There is a back story but I wouldn’t wanna make it public,” he said.

Kawya, however, assured fans that at the right time, the entire truth would be spilled to bring clarity to the whole messy saga.

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