Ghanaian style icon, KKD, has fired back at social media users constantly criticising him and his gay son and he’s holding nothing back!

The media personality addressed the critics during an appearance on XYZ TV for a political talk show appearance.However the conversation veered towards his controversial son.

KKD has a son in the UK who is a leader in the LGBTQ movement. Kwaku Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah has made waves in Ghana a couple of times due to his activism and being apologetically queer.

Recently, he was spotted leading a pro-LGBT protest in London and as usual, netizens came for KKD for allowing his son to disgrace him.

Addressing the controversy, KKD said people should remember that parents are sheperds who can only guide their kids – they aren’t engineers to mould those kids!

Simply put, you can guide a child but cannot force them to accept their beliefs.

He added that his son is quite successful in his field, naming a series of top brands he’s worked with in the Kingdom. KKD also said top publications like Newsweek have all interviewed his son before.

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