In an era of sensationalism and social media feuds, it is refreshing to witness a public figure like Jane Awindor, better known by her stage name Efya, resist the allure of drama in the industry in which she finds herself.

The multiple award-winning songstress has been one of the very few Ghanaian artists to rise above the drama and controversies that sometimes surrounds the entertainment fraternity.

The ‘Brother’ hitmaker in an  interview on TV3’s  Ladies Circle, detailed her  philosophy of not feeding into negativity and staying focused on her passions, like farming. She expalined that “Everybody likes it when there is beef but I don’t feed into that, it is a waste of so much energy, I could be farming, it’s something I’m interested in,” she told the hosts.

Efya, to a greater extent explained the significance of not paying attention to rumours which are baseless and energy that does not uplift. “So I don’t pay attention to the controversy so you are talking to yourself. This is something I’ve learnt over time,” she noted.

The renowned singer further revealed that  she has faced her fair share of rumours and criticisms from people who may not have a full understanding of her experiences and journey. In the words of the singer, “When I was younger, a lot of people will say things about me that they don’t know anything about. A lot of people will talk in a certain way not knowing what I’ve been through,”

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